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A Military Based Virtual Airline that Supports the Normal Commercial Aviation aspect Also, We have it all right here. F14 Tomcat or a 737-800, the Choice is yours.

  • We are TAC-PAC Powered with, P3D & FSX, FSX-SE
  • FSX,FSX-SE,P3D all versions, xPlane 10 & 11, MSFS2020, FS2004.
  • Seaplane Routes,Long Hauls, Short Hauls.
  • Unlimited Airports, and we do mean Unlimited.
  • Carrier OPS, Missions, or use our Campaign Tours
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  • We offer not "One", but 4 Different Client Software systems for this site, All work at 100%, and Free to members.

Why not try something different for a change, maybe land in a Seaplane Base and pull up to the Dock and grab a Lobster to go. Or go Visit the United Kingdom, or maybe some fishing in the Florida Keys. If we don't have your route, then as a Member you can create your Own in our Systems also !



United States-HVA0006-Gene Chief Warrent Officer
United States-HVA0005-Casey Lt.Commander

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Flight Pilot Departure Arrival Aircraft Duration V/S Status
HVAEZZ12Casey DayKEULKAST350I01.59-183 ft/mAccepted
HVAD646Jim LymanKRIVKPSPC130 HERCULE00.24.59-118 ft/mAccepted
SCC8788Jim LymanKLCIKZZZDUKE TURBINE00.10-131 ft/mAccepted
SCC8787Jim LymanKCONKLCIDUKE TURBINE00.10-158 ft/mAccepted
HVAGAG315Jim LymanKGGEKMYR340-B SAAB00.27.05-106 ft/mAccepted
IBEIBE393Jim LymanLEJRLEMOC34000.27.22-125 ft/mAccepted
HVAZA707A50Casey DayKPSMKSSC707-153B01.45-82 ft/mAccepted

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Do you have the Right Stuff ? If not, then don't worry, we have everything here at Heritage Virtual Airlines, yes Commercial Aviation also. For those who just want the chance just to fly with an Elite Force of Pilots, but want just the Normal Aviation Situation, We have it here. We Aim High to please all of our Members/Pilots !

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So whether or not You love to fly upside down, or just want to Jump around the Globe on a Long Haul with a 787-900, We have just the Routes for you !

Some of Our Aircraft

Some of Our Aircraft

A very small portion of what we fly.

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B17 Fortress

Our Flagship at Heritage VA

E2-C Hawkeye

We use this Hardcore



C17 Globemaster III

One of our Military Tranports

Something for Everyone


Air Force One

Still in Service

USCG Division

Multiple Helo Routes also

Multiple Aircraft

We Love the Small Aircraft Here.

PBY Catalina

Tons of water routes

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