Heritage Virtual Airlines Policys By LAW !

Due to New Laws and Privacy Acts pertaining to RSA-By Laws in this country, we now Must Post the Below Information, Thank You for stopping by our Site.

1) Requirements

1.1) Our requirements are very laid back, you can fly from and to any airport in our schedules, or you can create your own via the Executive OPS system, or request a route. We do Not require you to fly from your destination, the freedom is yours. We also do not restrict Aircraft here, however we will refuse a Bad PIREP and/or a bad landing. Anything over -400fpm is not very good, and more then likely several crew members and / or PAX are seriously hurt. We won't get into the fact of Aircraft Damage either. As mentioned above, we offer the chance for our members to create flights, either through the Executive OPS, the Charter OPS, or our Route Request Forms. Or Email us directly of course. We run a range of around 19,000 routes to begin with, which gives you a Ton of options in our Main
1.2) We offer a very high paying Rank Structure, after you've logged in you will see the Pay scales. This pay scale is NOT visible to the Public, only our Members. Our promotion system is NOT automatic, it is decided by Our Staff Officers in a meeting together. We all work together as a Team. Do not worry if you also see the high requirements for Hours, this means nothing and is Only a guideline for us. If you are flying consistantly, and have good landings with little or no damage, then you will very quickly move your way up the Ladder with a high pay rate also.
1.3) We do NOT discriminate, or is our VA in any way shape or form, involved with anything pertaining to slurs, racist, or any form of discrimination. If caught, you will be instantly Terminated for this. Also, please refrain from any and all politics here. This NOT a site nor a group that discusses it, we would much prefer to talk about "SHOP" talk, flight sim, gaming etc. Thank You in advanced
1.4) Upon visiting our Communications/Voice system "Discord", or "Team speak" respect others, and be nice. Simple ! Our Teamspeak is visible throughout our site, and you can join either or directly from our Web Site. Its in the menus and on the home pages
1.5) We have a lot of Aircraft in our fleet. Please do NOT substitute any aircraft with a different one, your PIREP will be rejected. You have the option of creating your own route with the aircraft you want in our system through the Executive OPS Module or the Mission Campaign systems. The Executive OPS is Staff approved, the Mission Campaign is not. Again, substitutions of an IATA is not permitted, this really screws up the Finances and the Fuel consumption in the back of the house.
1.6) Our Forum Boards are still under construction, once up and running you Will be required to register for it to post anything there. This will be a dedicated Forum Board Web Site all on its own. We highly recommend when it is up and running, that you do register there. There will be a lot of info there.
1.7) All applications are subject to approval by our Staff, you MUST be at least 18 years of age, with a valid email address. Due to New Internet laws and FCC regulations we cannot accept anyone under the age of 18 without a Parent Consent Form, We will make however acceptions if you are a friend of a member of this VA.
1.8) Do not share any and/or All private information with anyone. Privacy Laws and Policy's have recently changed, sharing this will get you banned. As of June 21st, 2018 all laws have changed. (see our privacy laws.)

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, the only stupid question, is the one thats not asked !
Thank You for considering our Airlines.

I agree to the terms of use.

Heritage VA

Welcome to all, thank you for stopping by our Web Site. Feel free to contact us with any questions anytime, we always answer all.

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