Pilot Aircraft Departure Arrival Landing Rate Date Posted
HVA0003 - Raouf RizkBeechcraft Bonanza V35LEOCLEMD-712/31/2020
HVA0003 - Raouf RizkBeechcraft Bonanza V35KIWAKPHX-5312/16/2020
HVA0003 - Raouf RizkBeechcraft Kingair 350iKPSMKBOS-5812/11/2020
HVA0001 - Jim LymanBeechcraft Duke TurbineKMCOKCOF-8501/08/2021
HVA0001 - Jim LymanBeechcraft Duke TurbineKPSMKBOS-9001/15/2021
HVA0001 - Jim LymanCessna Citation BravoKGTBKRME-9101/14/2021
HVA0001 - Jim LymanQuest Kodiak STOLKNHKKADW-9812/15/2020
HVA0003 - Raouf RizkBeechcraft Kingair 350iKBOSKMHT-9812/11/2020
HVA0001 - Jim LymanC404 TitanKPSMKBOS-9912/28/2020
HVA0008 - Jean-Michel LazareBoeing B727-ADV FreighterPAEDCYYQ-10501/17/2021
HVA0001 - Jim LymanP30 Commanche TurboKPSMKBOS-11412/10/2020
HVA0003 - Raouf RizkBeechcraft Kingair 350iKMHTKBTV-11812/12/2020
HVA0003 - Raouf RizkBeechcraft Bonanza V35LEMDLEOC-11812/31/2020
HVA0001 - Jim LymanBritten-Norman BN-2KCONKLCI-12412/07/2020
HVA0001 - Jim LymanBoeing 757-200 CargoKMYRKSSC-23212/25/2020
HVA0001 - Jim LymanCessna 340KPSMKDAW-39112/03/2020
HVA0008 - Jean-Michel LazareTransall C160 TransportKBOSLEVX-42201/16/2021

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