Client Flight Tracking Software Part 1
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Here at Heritage we offer a very wide variety of Client Software for Flight Tracking to this Web Site. All of which at 100% and has been tested throughly by our Web Master. Heritage has also purchased the smartcars system from TFDI, and is now Licensed to Heritage VA. Offering now a total of 4 different Clients, as listed; 

kACARS, cACARS, CCFTracker, and of course SmartCars. All of which work with FSX, FSX-SE and P3D all versions. xPlane users need to use SmartCars Period, nothing else works with xPlane. Hence is one main reason why Heritage VA has purchased the SmartCars system. The bottom line on all of this is pretty simple, as the New Users of MSFS2020 are now finding out. Its all about the Simconnect and the Module that hooks into your Flight Sim, without, you are "NOT" going to connect to this Web Site for Flight Tracking etc. Example, XUIPC is used only for xPlane, and pertaining FSUIPC is always used for the FSX Engines, such as P3D, FSX and FSX-SE, including FS2004/2009 which is now in the Members Download sections also. 

At the moment, we do have the new FSUIPC7 version ONLY for MSFS2020 in the Member Downloads section. You will Need to install this if you have not, and also, "IMPORTANT", you will only be able to use the SmartCars Client Software for this, as Heritage has the Updated Client from TFDI for MSFS2020, Again, without the FSUIPC7 version directly for MSFS, you will not be able to file PIREPS with this. Period.

All of our member downloads here for any given Flight Client Software are offered of course for free to our Pilots, we are a non-profit organization here, and do not charge for any use or software here on this Web Site, nor will we. Our Support Team is more then happy to help those out who are having issues with any of this, we have seen it all for sure, and can usually fix the problem quickly. Remember, without any of the Modules for your Flight Simulator, and its correct installation procedures, you will not be able to file any PIREPS on the Client side. There is a whole world of Free Documentation on how to's, and whats involved with all of the Flight Simulators and its pertaining Hooks.

SmartCars NOTE:::

We are allowing our Pilots to create a Charter Flight directly in the Client Software of SmarCars. Thus, remember pilots to keep an eye on the Route Numbers, hench the Airline Code for this also is SCC, "SmartCars Charters". Nothing else is hooked into this Airline, and its sole purpose is for just this only. Thank You to all, and see you in the Air !

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