JoinFS Multiplayer System
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As of this post, we have just recently found a brand new version of JoinFS. The Older versions had serious issues. However, now with the last 2 releases, things have come a very long way for us Multiplayer die hards. As you all know, the only place usually for this was FSX-SE version. Or a shared IP address in P3D. Not good for those who are worried about a shared IP for obvious reasons. The only other way to get a Multiplayer situation to fly at 100%, was to Port Forward your Router, along with the Port Forward Triggers , etc, etc, etc....believe me, the process is a Big Headache, been there, done it, and seen it. FSHost attempted this and works as long as you do the above, but, bare in mind in doing so, your Router is Open for shared addresses, period. Unless you have a separate Router by your ISP company and a dedicated Host Computer, then if your doing any kind of personal business via the Internet like myself, then your running a Great Risk of being Hacked !! "Not for me".

For the longest time, there was only really one place to get into a multiplayer situation without the hassle of any of the above, this is still around to, its Called "FSCloud". And to this day, still works well for those who have the extra resources on your CPU. Yes, extra resources, FSCloud will task your computer resources, hard. For those who are running anything less then an i5 8th gen and up, don't bother, it'll work, but with some very serious lag and Frame Rate hits ! FSCloud does work great, and it is a no Hassle system without any headaches. Multiplayer is fun with it, and it is very accurate with others involved also. The biggest PRO about FSCloud, is that you can be using P3D, and your buddy could be using FSX at the same time, and it just doesn't matter with FSCloud at all. This is a Major Major Plus. FSCloud is still around, and if you have a nice CPU, then we do recommend this for sure. Its simple, easy to setup, and it works !!

Back to JoinFS..........As of the last release , 2.0.5, this release has not only incorporated the new MSFS 2020, but has fixed finally a lot of issues and lag. There is none now. 2.0.4 and 2.0.5 do NOT use hardly any resources what so ever, maybe about 1% or less. If that ! This is impressive for sure. The reason being ? Simple, they kept it down to the bare bones with keeping it very simple. And one Major reason also it uses no resources, is the Live Flight Map is "NOT" embedded into the Client Software at all. Big Big Plus ! FSCloud has a live flight map embedded into the software, in our opinion if they got rid of that and dedicated a separate map like JoinFS has in an entirely different IP, this would solve a lot issues on resources. 

JoinFS has also created a ton of options into its software, you can Host your own session through thier system, and Join any sessions that are running live as long as they are not password protected of course. There is a Ton of information on this system, as it does a lot and has a lot of potential to do so now. We have tested this already, and will be testing it a lot more with some of our Partners, as so far this looks like this will be the upcoming MUST have piece of software for Playing any Multiplayer systems. Bottom Line is this, without even taking it apart, we are already impressed with it so far, and believe me when we tell you, if this is what we think it is, this will open up a whole new world for those of us who love and miss the Multiplayer end of things. So stay tuned on this, and feel free to ask any questions pertaining to this, we will also be updating this post along with others as we continue to Beta Test this out. Thank you for stopping by, and you contact us at;

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