Posted by Jim Lyman on 03/02/2021

Welcome to Heritage VA,

Heritage has been around since 2002, and actually started without the Net with a Flight Sim called A.T.P., "Airline Transport Pilot". Created by SubLodgic LTD in the year 1996. Hence we all used a Computer system that was older then the Dino's ! Myself, I was running an IBM 8086, with a Monochrome CRT. And upgraded it to Color ! WooHoo, 4 Whole Colors I got, it looked awesome back then. The Graphics Card was a CGA, Color Graphics Adpator and produced 4 Main Colors only. Of course I had to wait and cook supper and maybe my computer was completely booted up by then, hehehe. Sublodgic created a flight sim that was beyond anything anyone had seen, and it wasn't long before they were bought out by a Hostile Take Over ! Yep we all know the company for sure. The Sim was incredible hands down for its time period. This of course is another long story for later.

Hence, the Owner here has been around all of the Flight Sims, and actually to this day owns every single one of them, except MSFS2020, which was quickly according to Him, uninstalled completely for a Full Refund, and yes, again this is another different story for somewhere else. We support here, P3D all versions, FSX, FSX-SE, and FSX Acceleration, along with FS2004/2009 and xPlane 10/11. 

We are basically a Military Base here, but we do support of course the Civilian End of it also. We rate our Military Aircraft and flights a lot differently then the Civilian routes, however its all good as you can fly what ever you'd like here at Heritage VA. You can also fly to and from where every you'd like, we do "NOT" restrict departures what so ever. To many other VA groups do so, we do not.

We also have a TAC PAC system unrelated to this site, this however is Hardcore OPS. And demanding. We support P3D w/TAC PAC, and FSX-SE and/or FSX with Accl. and TAC PAC. A lot of Military routes here are connected to the TAC PAC systems also. Info on this is in the Knowledge Base FAQ systems. For the casual Civilian pilot, we have a ton of routes here, some to and from Military Bases, and some just plain Civilian Airports, you also have the option of creating your own routes here. 

We would like to thank you for stopping by our site, please read the knowledge base section thats open to the Public, has a lot more info.

Heritage VA Team.