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Position: Fleet Admiral (ADM)

For those who are curious, I'm retired, so I'm told, lol, and enjoy the life in the State of N.H. Its very nice here in the country in the heart of the white mountians. Fishing, camping, etc., we have it all here and no hassle of the city life. Been there also. I am the owner of Heritage and have been since 2002. We've been around for a very long time. I am also the Web Master here. I still fly real world here and there, but as expenses get higher in today economy, things of course get put on hold. Retired USMC Pilot also, back before some of you were even school, no offense.

I enjoy as mentioned some of the simple things, fishin, camping, jumping on my puddle jumper Moped, (that things a blast), or just sitting on the big sun deck and watching the outdoors. I enjoy playing the Piano, and have several really nice keyboads also, Music is a passion of mine, and always has been since the age of 5. My Mom was the lead Chello Player for the Conn.Symphony Orchrestra for 40 years, it was born in my Blood. Of course I enjoy Flight Sims of all kinds, my favorite is hands down, P3D. With everything going on today, most of us are stuck at home, hence Flight Simmers have come out of the wood work, including myself for sure. I've tried Farm Sim, its ok, and yes, I still Play Doom ! And yep, still get my butt kicked every single time, lol. I'd like to thank you for stopping by, and hope to see you someday here, if not of course here at Heritage , everyone is welcome anyway, be safe, and be well.

Jim L. HVA0001 Fleet ADM.